A Primer About Liposomal CBD Topical Creams

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Best CBD Topical
Best CBD Topical
Best CBD Topical

Cannabidiol (CBD) health and wellness products are popular due to their therapeutic and medical benefits like their analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. This is one of the major reasons manufacturers of skincare products are making it a major ingredient in their offerings. Liposomal CBD is one of the newest entrants that is used for formulating the best CBD topical, because of its higher bioavailability. Shared below are details about liposomal CBD topicals, read on to know more about it.

CBD Liposomal Topical Creams

CBD liposomal topical creams work by interacting with CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and one of its major functions is to act as a physical barrier to prevent the entry of toxic substances, harmful pathogens, etc., into our body. Because of this, it is a major component of the immune system and has a high concentration of CB2 receptors.

A Brief Introduction About Liposomes

The word liposome is a combination of Greek words “lipo” meaning fat, “some” meaning body, and they are read together as “body of fat”. To be more accurate, liposomes are phospholipid molecules in the form of a spherical sack and most of the cellular membranes in our body are made up of phospholipids. They are naturally encased in water droplets and are easily absorbed by the cells. Moreover, they have the added benefit of having both hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature. Because of this, they have higher bioavailability, making it a good choice to administer CBD for its therapeutic and health benefits.

Liposomes As Delivery Method For Topical CBD Creams

Due to the special properties of liposomes already mentioned, they are a good choice for transdermal topical CBD products. Also, they are thermodynamically stable, and because of this, they have a longer shelf life. They don’t irritate the skin and provides greater relief when applied topically because of their enhanced bioavailability.

Due to the dual hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature of CBD liposomal creams, they can deliver a higher concentration of CBD with better efficacy. The hydrophobic nature of CBD liposomes enables it to penetrate the watertight stratum corneum layer of the skin, and the hydrophilic nature enables its easy absorption into deeper aqueous layers of the skin. This makes CBD liposomal creams a better transdermal delivery system than other conventional cannabidiol topical products.

Making Liposomal CBD

Manufacturers employ nanotechnology to make liposomal CBD topical products because their particle size is too small. This technology is required for making microscopic multiple lipid bilayers containing phospholipid acids that mimic cell membranes. As a result, it is easily absorbed when applied on the skin, and the process used was approved by the FDA twenty-five years ago.

Liposomal CBD used for topical creams must be prepared manually, even though they originate as phospholipids. Generally, they are prepared by the extrusion method, where liposomes are forced through various filters to obtain vesicles of uniform structure and diameter. The other less frequently used method is sonication, where you use ultrasonic frequencies to produce the vesicles.

Advantages Of CBD Liposomal Creams

Top CBD creams deliver quick localized relief from ailments like pain and inflammation when applied on the skin. Shared below are the advantages of using CBD liposomal creams.

Delivers Active Ingredients Deeper Into The Skin: Liposomal CBD topical products like creams penetrate the skin better than conventional products, because of this they are more effective for treating ailments. Besides, these creams usually contain other essential oils and skin-soothing ingredients, and their effects are also enhanced along with CBD. Likewise, it is also useful for managing chronic pain and inflammation due to arthritis, as a result of its ability to provide quick localized relief. This reduces the discomfort, improves mobility, and slows down the progress of disease when combined with oral CBD consumption.

Precise Delivery Of CBD: Liposomal CBD has a structure that is both hydrophilic and hydrophobic. This ensures that the ingredients of the cream are protected until they arrive at the point of delivery, i.e. the deeper aqueous layer of the skin. So, it delivers the maximum amount of CBD and other therapeutic ingredients of the cream for increased effect at the target destination.

Biofriendly Delivery Of CBD: The hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature of liposomal CBD creams makes them biocompatible. They mimic cell membranes, and their structure is biodegradable making them a natural method of delivery.

Lesser Quantity: When using the best CBD topical like liposomal CBD creams, you need to apply a lesser quantity to experience maximum benefits. This is because of the higher bioavailability of these creams. This helps the user to save money on longterm usage.

On a final note, CBD topical products like creams, balms, salves, etc., are widely used for skin care by many people. Also, they are used for managing the symptoms of ailments like psoriasis, eczema, and acne. This, combined with the liposomal CBD will offer therapeutic value for years to come, and the future for these products looks bright.