What Are CBD Salves And Their Benefit?

CBD For Pain
CBD For Pain
Best CBD Salves
Best CBD Salves

The most important therapeutic and medical benefits of cannabidiol are its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. So, it is a major ingredient in pain relieving balms, creams, ointments or salves. Any customer who is buying these CBD topicals will be confused between them because they serve similar functions. Hence, we will try to provide a better understanding about CBD salves and what the medical benefits of best CBD salves are, read on to know more.

What Is A CBD Salve?

Generally speaking, CBD salves are similar in function to balms or ointments and in many cases the names are used interchangeably. They have no water content with only waxes and fatty oils in its bases, hence it has a thicker consistency. Their only difference from other CBD topical products is that creams or lotions have a little bit higher water content and moisturising agents in their bases. This difference will have a direct reflection in the method of their application on the skin surface i.e. you have to generate slight warmth when applying salves to melt the waxes so that cannabidiol penetrates deeply into the affected area.

How Are CBD Salves Made?

A CBD salve has three parts, they are a natural wax like beeswax, fatty oil base that carries the medicinal compound and the medicinal compound i.e. cannabidiol CBD. Because of the usage of wax and the absence of water content, salves have better shelf-life and longevity compared to other topical products. The oil base is required because natural CBD is oil soluble, this increases its bioavailability and thereby effectiveness when used on the skin surface. The most popular choice for this is coconut oil because of its high fatty acid content.

The oil is infused with CBD by steeping the ground down bits of the hemp plant like its flowers in the carrier oil and heated for several hours at 200+ Fahrenheit. This decarboxylates and activates the cannabidiol as well as attaches itself to the fatty acids of the carrier oil. This cannabidiol infused oil is then mixed with the melted wax to create the salve and this is how all the best CBD salvesare made.

Medical Benefits Of CBD Salves

CBD salves are found to be useful in managing arthritis joint pain and inflammation due to cannabidiol’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also useful in treating skin inflammation in psoriasis and eczema. Since it is a topical product, it provides localised effect or relief like other CBD pain creams.

Hope that the aforementioned details clarified your doubts about CBD salves and their use in treating ailments.