CBD Salves Vs. CBD Creams

Forms Of CBD
Forms Of CBD
CBD Creams
CBD Creams

CBD salves and CBD creams are two CBD topicals that are effective for targeted pain relief and are equally popular as skin care products. The differences in concentration and the nature of additives make the products different but they have more similarities than differences.

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD products that are applied directly on the skin and not ingested orally like CBD oils and tinctures are called CBD topicals. The discreetness, ease of application and the targeted pain relief that they offer are raising the market demand of CBD topicals. Being popular skin care products, they are being used to treat several skin conditions and keep the skin moisturized. CBD topical is quite a big category, which includes salves, creams, and lotions.

What Are CBD Creams?

CBD cream is a combination of oil, water, and emulsifying agents like beeswax, the combination that allows its easy absorption by the skin. The water content in CBD creams increases the chance of bacterial growth in it and addition of some kind of preservative becomes important. People with sensitive skin have to select CBD creams that exclusively contain natural ingredients to avoid chances of skin irritation.

CBD Salves

Cannabis salves were traditionally used to treat infections, pain and inflammation, and CBD salve is made by combining CBD extract with carrier oils like coconut oil and an emulsifier like beeswax. The fatty acids in the carrier oil transport the cannabinoids, and beeswax works as a preservative. CBD salves do not contain water and so they have a thick consistency.

Comparing CBD Creams And Salves

  • The major difference between CBD creams and salves is the content of water in them. CBD salves do not contain water at all but CBD creams contain water.
  • CBD salves have a better shelf life than that of CBD creams because of the absence of water. Water decreases the shelf life of CBD creams.
  • CBD salves have a thicker consistency than CBD creams because fatty oils and wax are used as its base while CBD creams are water based.
  • CBD creams easily spreads on the skin owing to the presence of water in it and the skin absorbs CBD creams faster than CBD salves.

The choice of CBD cream or CBD salve depends on the preferences of the individual and you cannot conclude one is better than the other in every possible way. The most evident difference between salve and cream lies in their water content and if localized pain relief is what you are looking for, both CBD creams and salves are equally good choices.